Within just one training session, I already noticed a difference in my dogs. Within two, I noticed a difference in myself. I’m much more confident about our training and have better control of my two bullmastiffs.

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Difference in my dog and myself

After 20 minutes into our very first visit our rambunctious pitbull puppy was walking calmly on a leash and had learned to sit on command. They even allowed my 6 year old who absoutely loves dogs to be a part of the training. We were blown away with the kindness and professionalism of this team.

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Kindness and professionalism

Our family can never thank them enough for the hard work they are doing with Cato. Within minutes of being in my children’s home, Matt gave us hope that Cato can be saved. I would recommend them to anyone who needs serious training with aggression, resource guarding and anxiety. He’s not only helping Cato, he’s healing our hearts.

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Healing our hearts

My Dogs not only are part of my family, they are part of my business as well. When selecting a trainer, we did our home work. The reasons I choose Matt, he is no nonsense, straight talking and without a doubt honest! From the very first lesson, I started to see drastic changes in my Dobermans behavior, Focus, and ability to learn.

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Straight talk and honest

Our husky puppy Luna finished her basic training today and while she still has work to do, I am so pleased with the progress she’s made. Other trainers we took her to did not have the patience to deal with a stubborn husky, but her stubbornness didn’t even phase these guys. I am equally impressed with how much they were able to teach ME about how to properly work with my dog

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Puppy Patience

In a really hopeless situation, Matt and the awesome guys working here have been able to give us hope with our aggressive dog again. We’re no where near done, and I’m not even sure what can be done, but these men go above and beyond what is expected from a dog trainer. If I could give them 10 stars I would, and I recommend them every day of the week and twice on Sunday’s. After visiting with other “trainers” it is clear that these guys are the way to go, they get it done!

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In a really hopeless situation, they have been able to give us hope