Personal Protection Dogs

While you do have other modern devices devices to protect your home, the most loving and most caring is the security that your highly skilled Canine can give you.

With increasingly violent acts occurring and most families with children in the household, many people are searching for alternative ways to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. That’s why we have not only have found comfort in the “Guard Dog” but when it comes to being reliable it doesn’t get any better then one of K9 Penn’s Personal Protection Dogs.

We train our PP Dogs to fit into your family lifestyle and, with specialized training, the owner can turn his or her dog on and off with two to three simple commands Рjust as easy as turning on and off a light. We train social but protection-ready dogs to help deter criminals from impacting your family and your home. We also train dogs for a range of protection services from simple alert to aggressive response.*

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We have several breeders to choose from to fit your price range, whether you want an imported canine, a local American-bred, or a dog from your local shelter.

Before you pay too much or get something you weren’t really sure of but it sounded good, call K9 Penn to discuss your needs to find the right solution for your personal circumstances.

Please call for pricing on K9 Penn’s Personal Protection Dogs as these can vary depending on breed and skills required.

*Note: K9 Penn is not liable for changes to your home insurance policy as a result of owning a protection animal.