Group Classes

Are you looking for your dog to be socialized in a group setting with other dogs?

Would you like to be able to control your dog on or off leash when approaching other new dogs on the street, the beach or the dog park?

Group classes offer the ability for clients operating at a similar skill level to socialize and practice their obedience skills with the challenge of the distraction of other dogs.

To be eligible to attend a group class, all clients must have completed an evaluation and have basic obedience skills.

Personal Protection Dogs

While you do have other modern devices devices to protect your home, the most loving and most caring is the security that your highly skilled Canine can give you.

With increasingly violent acts occurring and most families with children in the household, many people are searching for alternative ways to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. That’s why we have not only have found comfort in the “Guard Dog” but when it comes to being reliable it doesn’t get any better then one of K9 Penn’s Personal Protection Dogs.

We train our PP Dogs to fit into your family lifestyle and, with specialized training, the owner can turn his or her dog on and off with two to three simple commands – just as easy as turning on and off a light. We train social but protection-ready dogs to help deter criminals from impacting your family and your home. We also train dogs for a range of protection services from simple alert to aggressive response.*

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We have several breeders to choose from to fit your price range, whether you want an imported canine, a local American-bred, or a dog from your local shelter.

Before you pay too much or get something you weren’t really sure of but it sounded good, call K9 Penn to discuss your needs to find the right solution for your personal circumstances.

Please call for pricing on K9 Penn’s Personal Protection Dogs as these can vary depending on breed and skills required.

*Note: K9 Penn is not liable for changes to your home insurance policy as a result of owning a protection animal.

Tracking and Trailing

Does Search and Rescue interest you? Our trainers are certified in man tracking and are skilled in teaching you the most methods in training your canine to follow a specific scent source.

Have you ever thought, “I really think my dog would be good at finding things?”

If so, let K9 Penn evaluate your dog to see whether or not you could be the one finding someone’s lost family member, a friend or another lost household pet. By learning tracking, you can be a valuable resource in your community or for your Police Department.

Basic Obedience

Our program teaches your dog all of the foundations of basic obedience.

Our goals are to produce an educated owner and most important, a happy, obedient dog. This includes teaching the commands of:

  • sit
  • down
  • sit/stay
  • down/stay
  • heel, and
  • come.

We work with all types of dogs, regardless of breed, and train you and your dog together as a team so that you can continue your work at home.

Training is a family exercise

child training dogIf you have a household pet, training as a family is important. Children need to be seen as a pack leader and know how to handle their dog just as much as the adults for a safe and respectful home environment. Our facility welcomes your entire family to participate in the training of your dog.


Puppy Training

IMG_0044We also offer programs to begin training your puppy early. Puppies are adorable but without the right training they can severely impact the functioning of your household and potentially turn into difficult or dangerous animals. K9 Penn will help you start your puppy’s training correctly with basic obedience and allow you to easily progress through the rest of our services program.


At the completion of the basic program we ensure you know how to use and enforce these commands with your dog to ensure a good relationship with your pet for the rest of his/her life.


Advanced Obedience

Our advanced program expands your skills by adding off leash, recall, and also a “place” command.

Before pursuing advanced obedience, you must complete our basic obedience class. Moving along to advanced training can keep your dogs confidence and obedience going.

off leash recall
Off leash recall
off leash agility
Off leash agility