3 Reasons a Dog Can Prevent Bed Bug Problems

After almost a 50-year hiatus bed bugs have reappeared with a vengeance. Local bed bug infestation is on the rise as more than 18 million vacationers visit Myrtle Beach each year. Some hotels are using an innovative new method of canine detection to sniff out bed bug problems before an outbreak happens.

The large number of guests and short-term nature of their stays, make hotels, motels, and rental properties the perfect breeding ground for hitchhiking bed bugs. Not even the most upscale hotels are immune. Bed bugs can thrive and spread throughout a building from what appears to be a spotless room because their larvae are undetectable to the human eye of pest control agents and can hide in small crevices that are difficult to inspect.

There are three reasons why adding canine detection can improve your property’s pest management plan.

  1. Stop losing customers
  2. Save money
  3. Protect your reputation

Stop Losing Customers

Do you want to shut down your whole business during an infestation? Given how bugs spread, after an infestation occurs, you will have a significant expense to evacuate and quarantine rooms while you bring in pest control treatment. You’ll lose room night revenue for the time of treatment. You may also lose future customers once your incident is reported on public record. 

Bed bugs can also harm your guests with medical bills. Bed bugs feed on human skin and blood, leaving bite marks on your guests that need to be treated by their doctor. In addition, guests can track bed bugs home, resulting in claims against your business for the expense of treating their own homes.

Canine detection saves money

Bed bug detection canines have more than 200 million olfactory receptors in their nose. That enables them to sniff out unhatched larvae not visible to the naked eye. To proactively protect a property, current methods require treatment of the entire building or time consuming visual detection of active bugs. Instead you can rely on a detection canine to isolate any treatment needed by detecting bed bug larvae before they hatch and become a full outbreak. You also can rely on canines to treat only the infected area of your property rather than rooms that have no evidence of infestation. Canine’s can scan a room in just minutes instead of hours of human inspection.

Proactive scans protect your reputation

By booking proactive scans, you can ensure you check for infestations before getting complaints. It gives you peace of mind that you are maintaining a facility free of bed bugs. You can avoid the lawsuits and bad reviews with a service that is significantly less expensive than current options.

If you are interested in the most affordable and effective bed bug detection method available, contact K9 PENN today. We can sniff out the problem so you can get back to work.

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